Reasons for the rapid development of small flour mill



The small flour mill is very suitable for small flour processing plants. It has its own unique requirements and conditions in plant construction, site requirements, development needs, investment costs and other aspects. The large flour mill with hand holding cake equipment develops multi-storey buildings, generally about 6 floors; the milling process is long, generally 14 ~ 20 lanes; it is equipped with raw material warehouse and finished product warehouse It has developed flour post-processing section, quality control means and high degree of automation.
Hand grabbing equipment
The common features of the development of large-scale flour processing equipment are: improving the quality of finished products, increasing the daily output of most of them, requiring long-distance transportation of raw materials and finished products, increasing the investment cost, and improving the operation and management technology. This kind of development is not entirely suitable for large countries and developing countries because of the following actual conditions and needs.
(1) Origin processing. The quality of the finished products can reach the level of most products of large-scale factories and meet the requirements of local consumers, reduce transportation and storage costs, increase local employment and reduce production costs.
(2) Product diversification. Besides wheat, the raw materials for milling can also be processed into rye, corn, oats, buckwheat, rice and beans. In addition to rice, the raw materials for rice milling can also be used to process sorghum, millet, barley and oats. In a short time (from a few hours to a few days), the processing parts of the grain processing plant can be adapted with a little change.
(3) The investment cost is small. The process of the processing plant is simple, the quality of the equipment is good, the service life is long, the operation and management is simple, the processing effect is good, and the total cost of the technical equipment is small.
(4) The construction of the plant is fast. The construction of a processing plant should be completed in a short time from equipment purchase, transportation, installation, commissioning to production, so as to shorten the cycle of capital recovery.
(5) The house of processing plant is simplified. Can make use of off the shelf warehouses and houses. The utility model does not need multi-storey buildings, and has small floor area and building volume.