Location of rougamo shop



In fact, the location of rougamo shop is the same as that of dessert shop. For example, in the office area of the business district, high-end and high-quality desserts will be more popular. Of course, it's easy to sell rougamo in the form of takeout in places with heavy traffic. Generally speaking, rougamo shops can choose to set up shops in pedestrian street, commercial area, office area and school campus. Other shops such as stations, industrial areas and large supermarkets can also choose. Remember that the bigger the flow of people, the better.
Rougamo equipment
If there's no location, sometimes it's just a place with a lot of people. It is located in the commercial area, near the large market, next to the cinema, dormitory group in the industrial area, office building concentration area, etc. It is not suitable to be near passenger stations, docks and restaurants, because the rents of shops in these areas are high, and people come and go in a hurry without hunger, so they have no intention to patronize rougamo shops.
Many people like eating rougamo, because now many rougamo have lovely and attractive appearance, and meat food can bring good mood, so opening rougamo shop is also a project that people think can make money.