Problems in the development of China's food machinery industry



In recent years, the food packaging machinery industry in China has made remarkable achievements, but there is still a technical gap of 20 years compared with foreign products. The current technology content of some packaging machinery products in China is not high. Many advanced technologies abroad have been applied in packaging machinery, such as remote control technology (including monitoring), stepping motor technology, automatic flexible compensation technology, laser cutting technology, information processing technology, etc. Most of domestic single machine production, most of foreign supporting production. The single machine has few sales, poor product reliability, slow technology update, and few new technologies, new processes and new materials. The food packaging machinery in China is single machine, less complete set and multi-purpose machine, which meets the special requirements and few special materials and equipment. The increase of low-tech products leads to the decrease of high-tech added value and high productivity products. Intelligent devices are still in the development stage. The quality gap of food packaging machinery products in China mainly lies in the poor stability and reliability, backward modeling, rough appearance, short service life of basic parts and accessories, short trouble free operation time, short overhaul period, and the majority of products fail to establish reliability standards. The small knitting of hand held cake equipment found that, up to now, only 5% of Chinese food and packaging machinery reached the foreign level in the 1990s, 20% in the 1980s and 60% in the 1970s. Compared with developed countries, the varieties of food packaging machinery products in China are less than 30% - 40%, and the technical level is 20 ~ 30 years behind.
Hand held cake equipment
The low level repetition of food packaging machinery industry refers to the phenomenon of repeated production of machinery products with low cost, backward technology and easy to manufacture, regardless of the development requirements of the industry. At present, the Chinese food and packaging machinery market is full of low cost, backward technology level, easy to manufacture mechanical products. If such a market environment can not be improved for a long time, it will not be conducive to the upgrading of the whole industry products. The exact data is not yet statistical. At present, about 1 / 4 enterprises in the industry have low level repetitive production phenomenon, and about 1000 enterprises are producing repeatedly at low level.
There are more than 100 automatic sealing machines with relatively primary technology in Wenzhou. There are still enterprises producing simple marking machines, and the production of hot stamping machines has been cancelled by the state at present; the pancakers with electric heating are very primitive, but there are still many manufacturers; although there are some Title Problems of oil filtering and oil change, there are still many producers; although there are Title Problems of oil filtering and oil change, there are still market in rural and small towns , there are still manufacturers in production; filling and gland machinery, and some primary products are still produced; the production of relatively primary surface press is also continuing. The reasons for the phenomenon of low level repeated production are as follows: the low-level products have low technology content, simple manufacturing process, less investment; the serious shortage of scientific research and innovation ability of enterprises, too slow updating and replacement speed; the enterprises have not applied for patent rights for new products developed by themselves in time. If this kind of low-level repetition is not controlled, it will cause the continuous production of low-level and low-grade products, which will cause great waste of resources; meanwhile, a large number of such products will flood the market, which will cause confusion in the mechanical market, make the legitimate intellectual property rights not effectively protected, hinder the continuous upgrading and innovation of industrial products, and hinder the social and economic development Pre development.
The food packaging machinery in China is mainly imitated and mapped, and improved with a little localization, so it can not be discussed the development and research. At present, the domestic investment in scientific research and development is less, and the technical investment according to the regulations can account for 3% of the sales revenue, but most enterprises can not. Our development means are backward, and now better enterprises have carried out "drawing rejection project", but there are few real CAD. Product development is lack of innovation and difficult to reach the level. The production means are backward, most of which are processed by old general equipment. The new product development is not only a small number, but also a long development cycle. In the management of enterprises, it is often important to pay attention to production and processing, to light research and development, and to lack of innovation, and to provide products in time in line with market demand. Most enterprises' technical personnel account for less than 10% of the total number of employees. Only a few enterprises can reach the scale of annual output value of more than 50million yuan.
The food packaging machinery industry in China lacks the intellectual property awareness, and does not apply for patent right to protect the new products developed by ourselves.
Often, a product of an enterprise has just been developed and put into the market, and other enterprises soon copied it. In a short time, thousands of enterprises have launched the same equipment products on the market at the same time, even if they can not find who is the developer of the equipment product; or even if the developer wants to investigate the responsibility of other imitators, they have to apply for intellectual property protection because they have not applied for intellectual property protection settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. The renewal and replacement speed of food packaging machinery products in China is too slow to keep up with the speed of low level repeated production. Many enterprises are busy expanding the market for existing products. Busy copying and copying other people's equipment products, we don't think about how to upgrade and replace mechanical products and how to realize technological innovation.