Maintenance of pastry production line



The pastry production line uses three-stage progressive thinning method to press the dough into appropriate thickness. The separate filling machine fills the stuffing on the dough, rolls the dough into strips through the forming roller, and then shapes the dough into spherical or long strips by the separate flower kneading machine. It does not damage the gluten of the dough, and completely imitates the craft to keep the original flavor.
Pastry production line
When we buy the pastry production line and other equipment, we all want to buy good ones with low price and good service. So what problems should we pay attention to when we buy them? Now let's give you a brief introduction.
1. To buy from professional and regular manufacturers, the manufacturers with relatively large planning and strength generally have their own teams, and the quality and service providers are guaranteed to a certain extent.
2. Suitable for their own equipment varieties, there are many kinds of pastry production line, different varieties of prices are not the same, the quality is also uneven, so the selection must be based on their own needs.
3. When buying equipment, it's better to visit the factory in person. In this way, we can understand the planning of the production enterprise with our own eyes. We can not only see the strength, but also the level of skills and services. After all, what we see is not only the equipment, but also the skills and services. Only in this way can we ensure the smooth production.
Maintenance tips of pastry production line:
1. In the use of time, pay attention to the fuselage can not have debris, and make sure that the device is dry.
2. The machine can not be placed next to the high temperature stove, and Zui good distance from the wall, so as not to pollute the wall.
3. After the machine is used up, when it is thoroughly cooled and cleaned, a soft cloth can be used to wipe the top cover of the machine body. Pay attention not to immerse the whole machine in water during the wiping process, as long as it is cleaned.
4. In the process of cleaning, do not use too much force to prevent damage to the machine, and dry thoroughly after being fresh and clean.
5. If agitating blade is not easy to clean, it can be washed several times, do not use abrasive detergent, to prevent damage to the non stick coating.
6. Cleaning time to be serious, do not idle, can not use the dishwasher direct cleaning.
With the development of economy, science and technology, people's living standard is higher and higher, and the food is more and more attentive. The pastry production line is more and more widely used. I hope the above articles are helpful to you.