Food machinery import must not be careless



According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 6000 food machinery manufacturing enterprises in China, but 15% of enterprises transfer or fail every year. The number of enterprises entering the market is roughly the same as that of the same year. The same is true for the equipment industry of meat bun. This shows that there are serious unstable factors in China's food machinery industry. In addition, the demand for food machinery in China's food industry is relatively large. In addition to the above shortcomings of China's food machinery manufacturers, the introduction of food machinery products in China also shows a growing trend.
Rougamo equipment
At present, there are many problems in China's food machinery industry, such as few varieties of products, weak sets, weak scientific and technological development ability, unstable performance and so on. Therefore, most of the domestic food production enterprises are more inclined to introduce foreign new or used food machinery products. It is inevitable to introduce foreign food machinery products at this stage.
Food machinery products are not purely mechanical and electrical products, which are closely related to food production, and their importance is as important as food safety. Food machinery is the carrier that directly contacts food in the food production process, and it is not disposable production equipment. Its material, structure and other hygiene, environmental protection and other factors will directly affect the food safety, and indirectly affect people's life and health.
Food safety is a hot topic in the current society. When we all focus on the safety of food raw materials, food additives, plastic, metal products and food packaging materials in contact with food, we must not ignore the important carrier link of food machinery. Food machinery is an important part of the development of food industry, and it is also an important part of the development of food industry. Its safety, health and other factors will directly affect the quality and safety of food itself, thus affecting the rapid and healthy development of food industry. Therefore, the inspection and supervision of imported food machinery products is particularly important.