Six highlights of the development of food machinery enterprises



With the rapid development of China's food machinery, many leading enterprises with large scale and good benefits have emerged in the industry. The products of China's food machinery manufacturing industry are equivalent to the international advanced level, but there are few products with independent intellectual property rights and technological innovation ability, such as Mexican cake production line manufacturers. "Follow up" here means "follow up", which means follow-up or even imitation. There are few parts of independent innovation.
Mexican cake production line
On January 23, 2009, the National Standardization Administration (SAC) issued the national standard food machinery safety and health. The standard specifies the safety and health requirements for material selection, design, manufacture and configuration of food machinery and equipment. This provides a good standard for the standardization development of food machinery. At the same time, it also raises higher requirements for food machinery enterprises.
The increasingly fierce competition situation makes food machinery enterprises have to find new development highlights to stabilize their position in the industry. Throughout the industry situation, the following six development highlights are proposed:
1. Innovation. Chinese food machinery manufacturing enterprises should develop new products from the perspective of innovation and independent intellectual property rights, and develop international level equipment. Only in this way can the domestic food machinery manufacturing industry be upgraded. It is an important gateway for China's food machinery industry to move forward without the support of foreign technology.
2. Talent. There are few majors about food machinery in national colleges and universities, and food machinery enterprises need to cultivate their own talents. It is the demand of the new era to unite colleges and universities to host food machinery specialty and develop innovative talents of food machinery. Both the state and enterprises need the support of talents. With professional talents, the enterprise has a solid internal strength and a solid foundation. Experts in the industry are also indispensable guidance objects for enterprises. Only by firmly grasping this talent force. Food machinery enterprises can develop to a higher and farther place.
3. Services. Food machinery belongs to the machinery industry, but today's machinery is not only sold on the end of the matter. Food machinery enterprises need to provide one-stop professional services. Focus on pre-sale, in sale, after-sale three aspects of service, the buyer's interest status to the relationship between their own development. We should try our best to support the small-scale purchasing enterprises and cultivate the purchasing power of the whole food industry.
4. Policy. "Food machinery safety and health", "restrictions on excessive packaging of goods - Food and cosmetics" and the use of new food packaging QS logo are new requirements for food machinery enterprises. Only under the premise of following the policy, the products of food machinery enterprises can be recognized by the market.
5. Low carbon. The global popular concept of low-carbon environmental protection has also reached the machinery industry. Food machinery industry needs to move closer to energy saving. The obvious development is the transformation of beverage packaging bottle. The lightweight of beverage packaging bottle and the change of material are the requirements of environmental protection. The corresponding national policies of food machinery industry and the improvement of technical products can meet the requirements of the market.
6. Network promotion. The traditional way of promotion has been unable to keep up with the pace of the electronic information age. Network promotion has become an important part of food machinery enterprises. In the industry website to do more professional promotion is the only choice.
The food machinery industry is making progress every year and has a good development momentum. There are only closed enterprises, not closed industries. Only in this way can we seize the bright spot of our own food machinery industry.